Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Pages Free Printable

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Are you looking for some super cute and free coloring pages to enjoy? Well, you came to the right place! I’m excited to provide an adorable set of free printable Kawaii sweet treats coloring pages featuring yummy sweets and sugary treats that will satisfy your craving for cuteness.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Pages Free Printable

When it comes to kawaii, Japan really knows cute. Kawaii (pronounced kah-why-ee) means “cute” in Japanese, and the kawaii art style is all about being childlike, sweet, and adorable.

I picked some of my favorite desserts and gave them a kawaii makeover, turning them into super sweet coloring pages that you’ll love spending time with. The treats include happy ice cream cones, a birthday cake with a smile, lollipops with bows, a stack of pancakes, and more.

These detailed coloring pages are perfect for anyone who loves delicious sweets and pastries. If you enjoy decorating cakes, baking cookies, or just fantasizing about decadent desserts, you’ll love coloring on these pages. They also make great decor for bakeries, cafes, or your kitchen.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Pages

To download any of these adorable Kawaii sweets coloring pages, just click the link below the image for the high-quality printable PDF version.

We recommend using heavier print paper like cardstock for the best coloring experience and vivid colors. Regular paper works too, but it may allow markers or coloring pencils to bleed through more easily.

Print out just the pages you want to color or all of them to have the complete collection. The PDF is optimized for high-quality printing, so you’ll get nice crisp lines and details for coloring.


A tall glass filled with cold, creamy milkshake topped with a cloud of fluffy whipped cream.

Kawaii Milkshake


A happy waffle stacked high with juicy strawberries.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Waffle


Frozen popsicles in unique shapes and refreshing flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple.

Kawaii Popsicles

Birthday Cake

A festive birthday cake with lit candles, sprinkles, and a smile.

Kawaii Birthday Cake


Puffy marshmallows with a cute facial expression ready to be roasted over an open fire on a wooden stick.

Marshmallows with Happy Faces

Banana Split

A cold and refreshing banana split sundae overflowing with scoops of ice cream, slices of banana, strawberries, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

Banana Split


A tall short stack of fluffy pancakes dripping with sticky maple syrup and pats of creamy butter on top.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Pancake with Dripping Maple Syrup

Kawaii Milkshakes

Chilled and creamy milkshakes one topped with whipped cream and the other colorful fresh berries.

Kawaii Milkshakes

Sweet Popsicles

A group of cute popsicles in different fruit flavors like cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and grape.


Strawberry Shortcake

A fluffy shortcake topped with juicy red strawberries and dollops of airy whipped cream, with a happy face decorating the top.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Strawberry Shortcake


Pretty swirl lollipops on sticks decorated with colorful ribbons tied in bows.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Lollipops


A single frosted cupcake topped high with a mound of rainbow sprinkles.

Kawaii Cupcake

Ice cream

A scoop of ice cream with eyes, mouth, and a bow, looking adorably happy.

Ice Cream


A variety of different donuts including glazed, frosted, sprinkled, filled, and more.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Donuts


Cheerful pineapple rings with a smiling face, ready to be picked from the fruit dish.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Pineapple

Ice cream in bowl

Ice cream served in a bowl next to a stack of waffle cones with different ice cream flavors.

Ice Cream in a Bowl


A freshly baked chocolate chip muffin topped with creamy vanilla frosting.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Muffin

Cotton Candy Cloud

A fluffy pouf of cotton candy shaped into a cute cloud.

Kawaii Cotton Cloud

Cookie In A Cup

A warm chocolate chip cookie served in a teacup with a glass of cold milk.

Kawaii Cookie in a Cup

Tiramisu Cup

A layered Italian tiramisu dessert in a clear glass cup.

Kawaii Sweet Treats Coloring Page of Tiramisu Cup

Printables from Our Happy Corner are for personal use and classroom use only.

As you can see, each coloring page has simple designs with childlike details like cute faces, sparkles, and fun textures that are all about spreading happiness. Coloring is so therapeutic and creatively fulfilling.

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Kawaii sweet treats coloring pages printables for download

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy devouring these pages with your crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Just looking at them is enough to give you a sugar rush! Feel free to share with friends and family too – the more the merrier when it comes to coloring parties! Enjoy decorating these desserts to your heart’s content!

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