Summer Bucket List for Unforgettable Family Fun

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School’s out, the sun is shining, and summer is finally here! If you’re a parent looking for ways to keep your kids entertained and make amazing family memories over the next few months, you’ve come to the right place. We have the ultimate summer bucket list that’s overflowing with 40 super fun activities for families to do together.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

The best part? These activity ideas are designed for families on a budget.

You don’t need expensive toys, gadgets, or vacations to have an unforgettable summer. Just use this summer bucket list as inspiration to break out of your normal routines and spend quality time together!

What Is A Bucket List?

You’ve probably heard of a bucket list before – it’s essentially a list of experiences, goals, or achievements someone wants to accomplish during their lifetime. Making a bucket list helps clarify your priorities and ambitions.

For families, a summer bucket list serves as a fun, motivating checklist of activities to help you make the most of the precious summer months before the kids head back to school.

Having a concrete list of creative, pre-planned options makes it easy to say “yes” to memory-making as a family. When you’ve already put in the forethought, you’re more likely to follow through instead of letting summer pass by in a blur.

Beyond just adding activity ideas, bucket lists also provide a built-in system for accountability. You can mark off completed experiences, take photos as proof of memories, and proudly check boxes. Seeing your progress is inspiring!

Plus, bucket lists are fully customizable based on your family’s unique interests, budget, location, and schedules.

40 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Our ultimate summer bucket ideas list is just a starter – we encourage you to add your own ideas too!

So what are you waiting for? Browse our epic summer bucket list and get ready for your most memorable, fantasy-filled family summer yet!

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40 Summer Bucket List Ideas for a Family Free Printable

Build a backyard obstacle course

Imagine the shrieks of laughter as your family constructs a wacky obstacle course out of everyday items and backyard toys. The thrill of racing through, dodging obstacles and cheering each other on.

Neighborhood scavenger hunt

The excitement of receiving a list of quirky items and riddles about your neighborhood. Work together and put observational skills to the test to find all the wacky scavenger hunt items.

Stargaze and learn constellations

Lying back on cozy blankets, eyes wide in awe at the vast, glittering night sky. Spotting constellations and ancient stories written in the stars. Sharing snacks and hot cocoa as you ponder the cosmos.

Have a beach day and build sandcastles

Sand between your toes, the calming sound of waves, and a vast sandy canvas to sculpt grand sandcastles. Teamwork and creativity combine as you carve towers, tunnels, and moats.

Set up a backyard camp out

Pitch a cozy tent right in your backyard and spend an exciting night under the stars. Tell spooky stories by the crackling fire pit, roasting s’mores, and drifting off to sleep amid the night sounds of nature.

Go fishing at a local pond or lake

Arm yourselves with fishing poles, bait, and buckets of patience. Quietly wait for that telltale tug on the line, hoping to reel in the big catch!

Have a water balloon/sprinkler fun day

Run through the sprinklers as the refreshing water rains down. Engage in epic water balloon battles, squealing with glee as you try to dodge the splatters.

Paint and decorate plant pots

Unleash your creativity by transforming plain terracotta pots into vibrant works of art. Let your painting skills shine as you adorn them with colorful patterns, creatures, or inspirational words.

Make seed bombs to regrow gardens

Get your hands dirty as you mix seeds, soil, clay, and compost into compact balls. An exciting way to prep for dispersing “plant grenades” in any barren area, knowing wildflowers will sprout from your handiwork.

Craft backyard wind chimes

Collect old beads, shells, glass pieces and transform them into beautiful hanging chimes. Enjoy their gentle melodies dancing on the summer breeze.

Summer Bucket List for Family

Click here to download the summer bucket list in PDF version.

Craft friendship bracelets

Craft colorful braided bracelets to celebrate your family’s everlasting bonds. Handmade with love.

Make homemade play-dough sculptures

Whip up a frugal batch of squishy, fragrant play-dough to mold into anything you can imagine. Sculpt comical characters, animals, and more.

Paint and decorate birdhouses

Use recycled materials and bright acrylic paints to turn a basic birdhouse into a colorful, whimsical home for feathered friends.

Craft simple woodworking projects

Learn some basic carpentry skills by sanding, nailing, and assembling simple wooden creations. Build a decorative shelf, picture frame, or planter box from scratch.

Hold an outdoor art class

Seize a gorgeous summer day to set up a backyard “art studio” with canvases, chalk, paints, and more.

Have a backyard movie night

String up a bedsheet screen and borrow or rent a fun family flick. Cozy up under the stars with pillows, popcorn, and get immersed in an outdoor cinema.

Put on a family talent show

Give everyone a chance to shine by staging an at-home production celebrating your uncovered skills. Sing, dance, tell jokes, do magic tricks, or other unique talents.

Visit a nearby zoo or aquarium

Embark on an adventure to get face-to-face with exotic wildlife. Marvel at towering giraffes, frolicking penguins, or schools of kaleidoscopic fish.

Have a water gun battle

Divide into teams and arm yourselves with loaded super soakers for an intense all-out water war.

Go on a bike ride adventure

Strap on helmets for an outdoor cycling excursion around your neighborhood or local trails.

More Summer Activity Ideas

  • Go on a photography nature walk
  • Try geocaching around town
  • Make homemade pizzas for breakfast
  • Have a living room dance party
  • Go for an early morning hike
  • Bake a special breakfast treat
  • Read outdoor adventure books
  • Bird watch from the windows
  • Make refreshing fruit smoothies
  • Have a family gardening day
  • Make DIY sprinkler forms
  • Have an indoor picnic by making forts
  • Do science experiments
  • Make homemade sidewalk chalk
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Explore a new hiking trail
  • Tour a historical site or museum
  • Attend an outdoor festival
  • Have an “iron chef” cooking competition
  • Host a backyard carnival

Make Your Own Summer Bucket List

While our pre-filled list is busting with 40 amazing ideas, we know every family has their own unique wishes and traditions too. That’s why we’re providing a blank summer bucket list template for you to download and create your own!

Blank template to write your own summer activities to do

Click here to download the blank summer bucket list template to create your own bucket list.

Gather the whole family and spend an evening brainstorming all the special activities, outings, and adventures you’d love to experience together these next few months.

Having everyone’s input ensures you’ll design a summer bucket list packed with pursuits exciting for all ages and interests. Then use the printable to officially memo it all!

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