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Our free multiplication chart printable makes mastering times tables pure joy!

Multiplication Charts TImes Tables Printable

Learning multiplication is a fundamental math skill every child needs to master. More than memorizing times tables, multiplication helps improve logic, problem-solving, and mental math skills.

It also paves the way for learning more complex concepts like division, fractions, decimals, percentages, and algebra. Having fluent multiplication knowledge makes all future math learning easier.

We’ve created multiplication chart printables for kids to make this learning journey enjoyable and interactive.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of learning multiplication, how to effectively use the printables, and provide tips for teaching multiplication to kids.

Benefits of Learning Multiplication

Building multiplication skills has many benefits beyond getting good grades:

Improved Mathematical Abilities

Mastering multiplication enhances a child’s mathematical proficiency. It boosts their ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, setting the stage for success in various academic pursuits.

Time-Saving in Everyday Tasks

Multiplication is a practical skill that translates into time-saving in everyday tasks. Whether calculating measurements, managing finances, or even splitting snacks among friends, multiplication becomes a valuable tool.

Foundation for Advanced Math Concepts

A strong grasp of multiplication lays the groundwork for understanding more complex mathematical concepts. It paves the way for learning division, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, algebra, and more.

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How to Use the Multiplication Chart Printable

The detailed 12X12 and 20X20 multiplication printable charts below help cement these foundational skills. Here is how students and parents/teachers can make the most of it:

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Print out the multiplication chart
  • Have the child color code the chart by highlighting or circling each number
  • Quiz the child by covering a box and have them fill in the answer
  • Time their speed at filling out the blank chart

Interactive Activities

  • Bake cookies together following a recipe that uses multiplication
  • Relate tables to real objects by grouping pennies, Lego blocks, etc.
  • Quiz each other on random facts
  • Develop mental math ability by removing the chart aid over time

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Multiplication chart printables in 1-12 and 1-20 times tables. Color coded and blank

The Free Multiplication Chart Printable

Download our visually appealing printable multiplication table that covers the basics (1-12) and extends to higher numbers (13-20). We’ve also included a customizable blank multiplication chart for personalized learning.

We recommend printing the PDF version on thicker paper like cardstock.

All downloads and printables on Our Happy Corner are for personal and classroom use only. They are not to be redistributed, altered, or sold.

Click the links below to download the 12X12 Multiplication Charts

Multiplication Chart 12X12 in color codes
Multiplication Chart 12X12 color blank
Multiplication Chart 2X12 black and white
Times Table 12X12 black and white blank

Click the links below to download the 20X20 Multiplication Charts

Multiplication Chart 20X20 color code
Times Table 20X20 color blank
Multiplication Chart 20X20 black and white
Times Table 20X20 blank black and white

Tips for Teaching Multiplication to Kids

Learning multiplication may seem daunting at first. Here are some teacher-tested pointers:

Use Real-Life Examples

Incorporate real-life examples to make multiplication relatable. Group candies, toys, etc. into sets to demonstrate 2 x 3 = 6 and so on, so kids can see how multiplication is part of their daily experiences.

Incorporate Games

Make learning fun! Turn multiplication into a game and make the process enjoyable. Gamifying the learning experience keeps kids engaged and eager to participate.

Patience and Positive Reinforcement

Remember that every child learns at their own pace. Be patient, offer positive reinforcement, and celebrate small victories. A positive learning environment fosters a love for math.

Final Thoughts

Fluency in basic multiplication unlocks a world of mathematical understanding for kids that will pay dividends academically and professionally. Our free 12X12 and 20X20 printable multiplication charts remove barriers for parents and teachers getting children multiplication-ready. Download them today and let the multiplying begin!

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