Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search Puzzles

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Love is in the air, and to celebrate we wanted to provide some fun free printable Valentine’s Day word search puzzles for kids and adults alike. We’ve created word search puzzles related to love and Valentine’s Day in easy, medium, and hard difficulties perfect for all ages.

Valentine's Day Word Search Free Printable Puzzle

These word searches allow you to hunt for romantic, love, and Valentine-related words, a fun way to celebrate the holiday. They also help improve vocabulary, spelling, pattern recognition, and concentration – great for both kids and adults!

Below you’ll find Valentine’s word search puzzles to download and print out for some word-finding fun.

The easy puzzle has 10 words, the medium has 20 words, and the hard puzzle contains 30 themed words to find. We hope these provide a nice activity for classrooms, parties, or just an evening at home.

Click the link below the image previews to download and print high-quality PDF files of the word searches.

Valentine’s Word Search

Easy Difficulty Words

This easy word search contains 10 fun and upbeat words related to Valentine’s Day including heart, love, roses, gift, and cupid. The words are printed in large font and the puzzle has a simpler 10×10 grid, perfect for kids or anyone wanting a less challenging word search.

All of the words are associated with the bright, cheerful spirit of Valentine’s Day. This easy puzzle would be great for classrooms or younger children celebrating the holiday.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Word Search

Medium Difficulty Words

Our medium-difficulty word search has 20 Valentine’s themed words to find such as darling, cherish, embrace, friendship, and more. This puzzle uses a more complex 15×15 grid and the words have a lovely romantic theme.

The medium challenge is perfect for older kids as well as teens and adults looking for a more involved puzzle.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Word Search

Hard Difficulty Words

Our most challenging word search puzzle contains 30 Valentine’s Day words including affection, candlelight, sweetheart, and other terms related to Valentine. The 20×20 grid and long word list make for a tough word hunt sure to engage adults and older teens. Great for those who enjoy testing their word search skills!

Valentine Difficult Words to Find

Valentine’s Day Word Search Solutions

Did you get stumped searching for all the elusive words in our Valentine’s Day word search puzzles? I know how tricky it can be to locate every single term in those jam-packed grids. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Below are downloadable PDFs clearly showing the solutions with all the sly words found for the easy, medium, and hard word search puzzles.

Whether you could only spot half the words or just want to double-check your work, these handy solution keys reveal where each word is hiding.

They have the terms neatly circled so you can easily see where they are situated within the puzzle grids. Now you can achieve complete word-hunting success! Use these nifty solution PDFs to help you find any elusive words you missed in the Valentine’s word search puzzles. You can also print them out to conveniently check your work against the answer keys.

Easy Word Search Solution

Valentine's Day Word Search Free Printable Solution

Medium Word Search Solution

Medium Difficulty Word Solution

Hard Word Search Solution

30 Words to Find Word Search

Printables from Our Happy Corner are for personal use and classroom use only.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the love-filled puzzles and had fun searching for all the romantic, heartfelt words.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Valentine’s Day filled with friendship, hugs, and plenty of smiles. May the day spark warm feelings in your heart as you connect with special people. And may the word search puzzles provide an amusing activity to celebrate relationships, affection, and adoration!

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