Free Printable Construction Vehicle Coloring Pages

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Looking for some fun new activities for the construction vehicle-loving kid in your life? Get ready for your little builder to have a blast with these free printable construction vehicle coloring pages!

Free Printable Construction Vehicle Coloring Pages

You’ll find 20 different types of real-life construction vehicles for children to color. Plus, learn a bit about what each vehicle does as your child brings them to life with vibrant colors. Coloring is a great way to spark creativity, improve focus, and develop motor skills.

So let’s dig into these awesome construction vehicle coloring pages!

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Construction Vehicle Coloring Pages

In the grand orchestration of construction, each vehicle plays a unique role, contributing to the creation of something greater than the sum of its parts. From the earth-shaping bulldozer to the sky-reaching crane, every machine is a note in the construction symphony, working together to build a better future.

With these construction vehicle coloring pages, your little ones are set to embark on a colorful journey of creativity and learning.

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Coloring pages of forklift, dump truck, crane, bulldozer, and more construction vehicles on the page.

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Click the link below the images to download, print, and let the coloring fun begin!


The bulldozer is a strong vehicle equipped with a large metal plate used to push heavy objects and move dirt. Your child will love coloring the bulky tracks and wide, angled blade on this powerful machine.

Bulldozer Coloring Page


With a long arm and bucket for digging, the excavator scoops up and moves material like dirt and rocks. Kids will enjoy coloring the excavator’s giant articulated arm and cab sitting atop rotating tracks.

Excavator Coloring Page


Forklifts use two prongs or “forks” to lift and stack heavy objects like lumber and cargo. Challenge your child to color the forks, wheels, and lever controls that allow the lift to raise materials high in the air.

Forklift construction vehicle coloring page


The scraper is designed to level and move dirt and gravel. Kids can color the sharp edges of the scraper’s giant shovel mouth and large back wheels that help transport materials.

Scraper Coloring Page

Skid Steer Loader

These small but strong vehicles have loader arms in front to lift and dump material. Your child can color the boxy design, oversized tires, and front bucket that skid steers use to scoop and haul.

Skid Steer Loader Coloring Page


Graders have a long blade to flatten surfaces like dirt or gravel roads. Let your child color the grader’s angled blade and intricate cab details on this vehicle’s important job site tasks.

Grader Coloring Page

Asphalt Distributor

The asphalt distributor truck sprays and spreads hot asphalt to create roads. Kids will love coloring the special spray bar that heats and releases asphalt found on the back of this vehicle.

Asphalt Distributor

Dump Truck

Dump trucks transport and dump materials like dirt, rocks, and sand from their truck bed. Their unique design includes giant wheels and a tilting bed that kids will find fun to color.

Dump Truck construction vehicle coloring page


Cranes use a boom and cable to lift, lower, and move heavy objects around construction sites. Challenging details like latticework booms and tall cabs make coloring cranes fun.

Crane Coloring Page

Cement Mixer

Cement mixers mix and transport wet concrete to work sites. Let your kid color the rotating drum that blends concrete and chunky wheels that help move this mixture.

Cement Mixer construction vehicle coloring page


Rock trucks are used to haul quarried rocks to work sites or processing plants. Rugged designs include oversized tires that grip rocky terrain.

Rock Truck Coloring Page

Concrete Pump

Concrete pump trucks deliver concrete through a metal arm with a flexible pipe to pour concrete exactly where needed. The articulating arm allows kids to practice coloring tricks.

Concrete Pump Coloring Page


Trenchers dig ditches and trenches for tasks like laying pipes and cables. Colors that capture metal teeth digging into dirt are perfect for this vehicle.

Trencher Coloring Page


Like a forklift for construction sites, telehandlers lift and move materials with a telescopic arm that extends forward and upwards. The versatile design allows for creative coloring.

Telehandler Construction  Vehicle Coloring Page

Reach Stacker

Reach stackers efficiently stack and move cargo containers around shipping ports and rail yards. Their unique parallel lifting beams allow containers to be stacked two or three high.

Reach Stacker construction vehicle coloring page


Compactors use weight and vibration to flatten surfaces like soil or trash in landfills. Coloring the heavy-rigged roller is the perfect way to show its compaction power.

Compactor Coloring Page


Backhoes feature a bucket on the front and back for scooping, digging, and moving material. Positioned in the center is space for a driver that kids will enjoy coloring.

Backhoe construction vehicle coloring page

Articulated Hauler

These heavy dump trucks have a front and back section connected by a pivoting joint. The pivoting design provides coloring fun. Large tires, loads in the bed, and lights complete the look.

Articulated Hauler Coloring Page

Street Sweeper

Street sweepers clean pavement surfaces by sweeping up debris with rotating brushes and conveyors. Kids will love coloring twirling brushes and hoppers capturing dirt.

Street Sweeper Coloring Page


Rollers compress materials like asphalt or soil with their heavyweight cylindrical drums. Colorful compaction awaits with these rolling construction machines.

Roller Coloring Page

Printables from Our Happy Corner are for personal use and classroom use only.

Final Thoughts

I hope your little builder enjoys bringing these construction vehicles to life with color. Let their creativity run wild! And be sure to proudly display their construction masterpieces.

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