Horse Coloring Pages for Kids Free Printable

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Horses captivate children’s imaginations. To encourage your child’s love of horses, we’ve created free printable horse coloring pages that are fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and bigger kids too!

Horse Coloring Pages Free Printable

Coloring is an excellent activity to engage your child’s creativity, focus, and fine motor skills. As your child colors these fun horse pages, they’ll practice hand-eye coordination while learning about horse breeds, equestrian activities, and the special bond between kids and horses.

The learning and development benefits are endless, but most of all, these horse pages will provide hours of coloring fun!

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Horse Coloring Pages

Click the download link below the images to download and print high-quality PDF files. Print a few pages at a time to keep your little equestrian happily occupied and nurture their passion for horses.

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Horse Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

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Piebald Mare

This striking piebald mare looks so graceful galloping along the shoreline. Let your child use gray and tan to color the sandy beach while leaving white spaces for the horse’s unique markings. A great page for practicing patterns and textures.

Horse Coloring Pages for Kids

A Girl Riding A Horse

For the aspiring young equestrian, this page features a smiling girl bouncing along on a cute pony. Allow your child’s imagination to fill this duo with vibrant colors.

A Girl Riding A Horse

A Horse

With this basic horse outline, your child can decorate freely with any color scheme they choose. Let them unleash their creativity.

Horse Coloring Page

Girl Riding Her Horse

A long-haired cowgirl rides her trusty steed on a trail ride through the forest. Have your child use shades of green to color the lush trees while selecting pretty colors for the girl’s hair and horse.

Girl Riding Her Horse Through Forest

Morgan Horse

Capture the striking beauty of fall with oranges, yellows, and reds as this handsome Morgan horse takes a brisk trot surrounded by autumn leaves floating through the air. Encourage your child to make this page burst with fall colors.

Morgan horse coloring page

Picnic Together with Horse

A sweet pastoral scene of a smiling girl and her happy horse friend munching snacks and admiring flowers in an idyllic meadow. Let your child’s imagination run free with the colors for the tasty treats and more.

A girl and her horse enjoying a picnic

Horse in Stable

For the horse lover, a noble steed peeks out from its cozy stable home. Have your child color the horse’s markings, then add details like hay bales, brushes and personalized decorations to its stall.

A horse in stable coloring page

A Girl Touching Her Horses Face

Show your child’s affection for horses with this endearing page of a beaming girl bonding with her horse by tenderly touching its muzzle. Guide your mini equestrian to color the horse first, then the girl’s hair and clothing.

A Girl Touching Her Horses Face coloring page

A Pony Standing in a Flower Meadow

A delightful springtime pony stands happily among blooming wildflowers. Let your child joyfully color this page, using pinks, purples, yellows, and more to create a vibrant floral meadow.

A pony standing in a flower meadow

Girl Feeding Chestnut Foal

Nurturing comes naturally to kids. This sweet page captures a caring moment of a young girl feeding an inquisitive chestnut foal. Have your child color the foal’s coat then move on to the girl’s outfit and the treat.

A girl giving a food to a chestnut foal

Clydesdale Horse Pulling a Wagon

Bring out this workhorse’s immense strength and grace with blacks, browns, and muscular definition. Have your child color the scenic countryside, trees, and details on the hay-filled wagon.

horse pulling a wagon coloring page

Girl Riding Her Horse Passing a Castle

Inspire fairy tale dreams with a majestic castle backdrop for this adventurous horse and rider duo journeying together. Let your mini artist fill the castle stones with shades of gray before coloring the horse and girl.

Coloring page of a girl riding a horse passing a castle

Horse and Foal

The special bond between a mare and her gangly foal is beautifully illustrated here. This is a wonderful page for your child to practice using complementary hues for the two horses.

A Horse and Foal coloring page

Horse Eating Grass

Let your child’s imagination run free, coloring this grazing horse camouflaged in meadow greens. Will it be shades of brown, black, gray, or even pink?

Coloring page of a horse eating grass
Child riding horse

Girl Feeding A Stallion

A pleasant farm scene with a smiling girl rewarding her hardworking stallion friend with a tasty apple at the end of the day. Have your child color and add textures to the fence before coloring the sweet duo.

Girl Feeding A Stallion an Apple Over  a Fence

Andalusian Horse

This strong and graceful Spanish breed horse looks breathtaking prancing on a hillside overlooking the ocean. After coloring the horse’s flowing mane and tail, save the sea and sky for last to really make them pop.

Andalusian horse prancing on a hillside

Girl Walking With Her Horse

Capture a heartwarming moment between friends of a girl wearing a hat walking with her horse holding flowers. Let your child color the flowers first, then the girl’s outfit, and finally the horse’s markings.

Girl Walking With Her Horse Holding Flowers
Horse running through a forest

A Girl Washing Her Horse

Scrub and splash! Make bath time cheerful with light blues and sudsy whites as a smiling girl gives her pony a good scrub down. Add colorful bath brushes and bubbles for extra fun.

A girl washing her horse

A girl riding Her horse

Let your child’s creativity shine by coloring this page with their own vibrant rainbow hoofing across the sky above a free-spirited girl galloping her dappled horse in pure joy.

Coloring page of a girl riding her horse with rainbow on sky

Girl Riding Horse In Bora Bora

Give your mini globe-trotter a taste of tropical paradise with sandy beaches behind a girl exploring atop her horse. Have them use shades of blue for the sea and add palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Coloring Page of a Girl Riding Horse In Bora Bora
Child riding horse

Printables from Our Happy Corner are for personal use and classroom use only.

I hope you and your young equestrian enjoy hours of coloring fun with these unique and creative horse pages while nurturing their passion and imagination.

Simply print a few pages at a time for endless coloring enjoyment and learning. Happy coloring!

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