Farm Animal Coloring Pages Free Printable

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Do your kids love farm animals? Are they always begging for a trip to the zoo or a visit to a real working farm? Then these free printable farm animal coloring pages are perfect for them! Kids adore coloring bright pictures of their favorite cows, pigs, chickens, and more. It allows them to explore the animal kingdom right from home or the classroom.

Farm Animal Coloring Pages Free Printable

You’ll find here a great collection of free coloring pages featuring all the classic farm animals. They’re perfect for keeping little hands busy on rainy days or during quiet time. Plus, they can help reinforce farm animal names and facts in a fun, creative way!

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Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Parents and teachers should discuss each animal’s characteristics while kids are coloring. Encourage creativity and imaginative color choices.

To download coloring pages, click the link below each image to open a PDF file in high quality in a new tab. Print and enjoy!


What’s black and white and loves to moo? A cow, of course! Download this adorable cow coloring page that features a smiling cow. As you color, talk about how cows give us nutritious milk and delicious beef. Get the cow coloring page here.

Cow a Farm Animal Coloring Page


Oink oink! Pigs love rolling around in mud and munching on slop! This cheerful pig coloring page shows a curly-tailed hog. Grab this delightful pig coloring page here.

pig coloring page


Cluck cluck! Chickens give us eggs, meat, and feathers. Learn all about chickens as you color this page. Download the chicken coloring page now.

chicken coloring page


Baa baa! Sheep give us wool that we use to make cozy sweaters and blankets. This sweet sheep coloring page shows a fluffy lamb. Fun fact: a baby sheep is called a lamb! Get the lovely sheep coloring page.

sheep coloring page


Mehhh! Goats love climbing mountains and eating anything in sight! This happy goat coloring page shows a goat with curly horns. Goats give us nutritious milk. Have fun coloring this cheerful goat! Download the goat coloring page.

Goat Farm Animal Coloring Page


Neigh! Majestic horses love running through open fields and eating fresh hay. This beautiful horse coloring page shows a stallion rearing up. Learn about horses as you add vibrant colors. Get the gorgeous horse coloring page now.

Horse coloring page


Hee-haw! Donkeys are hardworking farm animals that help farmers carry heavy loads. This delightful donkey coloring page features a cute long-eared donkey. Color this page as you talk about how useful donkeys are. Download the donkey coloring page here.

Donkey coloring page


Hum! Llamas are fuzzy South American animals that give us soft wool. This fun llama coloring page shows a fluffy white llama. Llamas are close cousins of camels! Grab this unique llama coloring page now.

Llama Farm Animal Coloring Page


Alpacas are charming animals that live high up in the Andes mountains. They give us silky fiber that we can turn into scarves and sweaters. This sweet alpaca coloring page shows a gentle farm alpaca. Download the alpaca coloring page here.

Alpaca Farm Animal Coloring Page


Quack quack! Ducks love floating around ponds and looking for food underwater. Fun fact: baby ducks are called ducklings! Get the duck coloring page now.

duck coloring page


Gobble gobble! Turkeys are large birds that strut around on farms. This fun turkey coloring page shows a turkey fanning out its colorful feathers. Did you know only male turkeys are called gobblers? Download the turkey coloring page here.

Turkey coloring page


Hop hop! Rabbits have fluffy tails and long floppy ears. This adorable rabbit coloring page features a fluffy white bunny. Rabbits are fast animals that live in burrows underground. Get the rabbit coloring page now.

Rabbit coloring page


Buzz buzz! Bees fly from flower to flower, gathering sweet nectar to make honey. This busy bee coloring page shows a happy smiling bee. Bees help flowers grow! Download the bees coloring page here.

Bee coloring page as a farm animal


Spread your wings and fly! This stunning peacock coloring page features a dazzling peacock fanning out its huge, colorful tail feathers. Peacocks are beautiful exotic birds. Have fun adding brilliant colors to this page. Get the peacock coloring page now.

Peacock farm animal coloring page


Ostriches are enormous flightless birds that live in Africa. This fun ostrich coloring page shows an ostrich stretching its long neck to look around. Ostriches have beautiful black and white feathers. Download the ostrich coloring page here.

ostrich coloring page


Quail are plump short-necked birds found living on the ground. This charming quail coloring page features a quail standing on a branch. Quail eat seeds and insects. Color in this cute quail scene! Get the quail coloring page now.

quail coloring page


Reindeer are magical animals that live in the Arctic. They pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve! This merry reindeer coloring page shows a reindeer with huge antlers. Reindeer love munching on snowy lichen. Download the reindeer coloring page here.

reindeer coloring page


Yaks are furry cows found living in the Himalayan mountains. This fun yak coloring page shows a fuzzy yak against a backdrop of snowy mountains. Yaks have long shaggy hair to keep warm. Grab this unique yak coloring page now.

Yak Farm Animal Coloring Page


Oxen are big powerful cattle that help farmers plow fields. Oxen have been working animals for thousands of years! Get the ox coloring page here.

Oxen coloring page


Honk honk! Geese are water birds that live in lakes and ponds. This cheerful goose coloring page shows a goose standing by the lake. Geese fly in a V-formation during migration. Download the goose coloring page now.

Goose coloring page

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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this collection of free printable farm animal coloring pages! There’s a page for all your kids’ favorite barnyard buddies. So download them now and let the coloring fun begin! Kids can explore the animal kingdom while getting creative.

And be sure to share these cute farm animal coloring pages with other parents and teachers. Just click the share buttons to send to Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Happy coloring!

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