Fun Easter Word Search Puzzles for Kids and Adults

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The Easter season is right around the corner! To help you and your family get excited for the holiday, we’ve created free printable Easter word search puzzles for all ages to enjoy. Download them below for some springtime fun.

Easter Word Search Free Printable of Easy Medium and Hard Difficulty Levels

Easter is a joyful time full of egg hunts, bunnies, chicks, and celebrations of rebirth and new beginnings. Besides eating yummy chocolate, word search puzzles are a great way to engage with the themes and symbols of the Easter season.

To appeal to puzzle lovers of all ages, we’ve made easy, medium, and hard word search versions covering religious and secular Easter themes.

Click the link below the image previews to download and print a high-resolution PDF file of the word searches.

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Easy Difficulty

The easy word search puzzles are the perfect introduction to the joy of puzzling for your youngest learners. With just 10 words to find, these mini-word searches won’t overwhelm children who are just starting to read and write.

The puzzles use a large font that early readers will have no trouble recognizing. The layout is simple and uncluttered, so kids can focus all their attention on hunting down the Easter words.

As your child circles and crosses out words like “bunny”, “chick”, and “basket”, they’ll be reinforcing their reading skills and expanding their Easter knowledge and vocabulary. They’ll also learn words related to the religious meaning of Easter.

The puzzles are sized for little hands to hold and solve independently, but we also encourage parents to sit down and solve the word searches together. Make it a bonding activity by helping your child sound out the words and coaching them along.

Celebrate their triumphant shouts of “I found chick!” and “Here’s nest!” These first-word search accomplishments will give them a sense of confidence and self-motivation to tackle more challenging puzzles later on.

With just 10 words, these bite-sized word searches are screen-free, educational, and most importantly – fun! Download them today and enjoy easy Easter puzzling with your little learner.

Spring Easter Word Search

This one hides Easter words like “bunny”, “basket”, “chick”, “egg”, and other springtime fun words. Kids will love searching for these fun words associated with Easter.

Easter Word Search Printable of easy words for kids

Religious Easter Word Search

This easy word search has words like “palm”, “donkey”, “heaven”, “resurrect”, and more. Kids will become familiar with the Easter story while doing this puzzle.

Religious Easter Word Search

Medium Difficulty

Ready to take your Easter puzzling to the next level? The medium-difficulty easter word searches contain 20 words to find. These puzzles are perfect for older kids who feel too mature for the easy version but still need a bit of a search challenge.

Adults will also enjoy the step up in difficulty as the words get a bit longer and less common. You’ll need to scan carefully to spot terms like “redeemer”, “salvation”, “hallelujah”, and “forgiveness” in the religious-themed puzzle. The secular puzzle hides fun spring words like “tulips”, “delight”, and “marshmallow”.

Solving the medium puzzles requires more concentration and vocabulary skills than the easy version, making it a great brain exercise. Work quietly on your own or make it a game for family game night. Time each other and see who can find all 20 words the fastest!

Spring Easter Word Search

Seek out 20 springtime and Easter words associated with eggs, flowers, candy, and other secular symbols.

Spring Holiday Word Search for Easter

Religious Easter Word Search

Find 20 biblical and Christian terms related to the Easter story and traditions.

Religious word search puzzle of Easter

Hard Difficulty

Our most challenging puzzles yet, the hard difficulty word searches contain a whopping 30 hidden words to locate! These puzzles will test even seasoned word search solvers with their extra-long list of words.

Spring Easter Word Search

The secular puzzle is filled with 30 long springtime and Easter words like “surprise”, “chocolate”, “season” and more. Look for clever diagonals to uncover them all!

Easter Word Search Free Printable

Religious Easter Word Search

In the religious-themed puzzle, you’ll need to scour every nook and cranny to uncover words like “crucifixion”, “resurrection”, “apostles”, “victory” and more. Biblical knowledge helps, but you’ll also need determination, patience, and eagle-eyed focus.

Christian Theme Find Hidden Words

Print these out and bring them along to keep yourself occupied at Easter gatherings or while waiting for Easter services to begin. They make great activities for a vacation or road trip too.

Challenge your family, friends, or even yourself – can you find all 30 hidden words in these ultra-challenging Easter puzzles?

Easter Word Search Solutions

Hope you had fun searching for all the hidden Easter words in the word search puzzles! Once you’ve found all the words or given it your best try, it can be satisfying to look at the solution page and see where all those sneaky words are hiding.

Below you can download the solutions pages that reveal the location of every word in the easy, medium, and hard Easter word search puzzles. You can print the solutions out to check your work or provide the answer key for any family or friends you shared the word searches with.

Easy Difficulty Solutions

Medium Difficulty Solutions

Hard Difficulty Solutions

Looking at the solutions is a great way to double-check that you didn’t miss any challenging diagonal words. It’s also handy for anyone who got stuck and needs a bit of help finding those last few hidden words.

The solved puzzles can also be kept on hand in case you want to solve the word searches again next year. It may be easier to spot the words the second time around!

Printables from Our Happy Corner are for personal use and classroom use only.

Final Thoughts

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy these Easter word search puzzles and have fun finding all the hidden springtime and Easter words. Spend quality time together solving the easy puzzles with your kids or challenge each other with the hard ones at your next Easter gathering.

These puzzles provide a screen-free activity that engages your mind, teaches you about Easter traditions, and brings some extra joy and celebration to this hopeful season. They can help deepen your appreciation for both the religious meaning of Easter as well as the fun secular symbols and activities.

Thank you for taking the time to download and solve these Easter word searches. I wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Easter spent making joyful memories together. May these puzzles be part of a peaceful, reflective, and fun-filled holiday celebration that fills your heart with the promise of new beginnings.

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