Free Printable Easter Word Scrambles for Kids and Adults

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Easter is coming up soon! To help you celebrate and entertain the whole family, I’ve created free printable Easter word scrambles for kids and adults. Unscrambling jumbled-up Easter words is a fun and festive activity that will excite everyone for the holiday.

Easter Word Scramble Free Printable

All ages can enjoy Easter word scrambles. The jumbled words create a fun puzzle-like challenge as you try to unscramble the letters to reveal the Easter-themed word. Kids will love showing off their reading and spelling skills. Adults may even find some of the longer words to be a brain-teasing test too!

In this printable download, you’ll find a generous list of Easter words that have been scrambled. To add variety, the list has been divided into sections based on difficulty level:

  • Easy word scrambles for younger kids
  • Medium word scrambles for older kids and tweens
  • Hard word scrambles for teens and adults

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With this tiered system, you can pick word scramble puzzles that will be enjoyable and engaging for every member of the family. The easy word scrambles are suitable for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids who are just learning to read and spell. The medium and hard word scrambles provide the perfect incrementally harder challenge for those with larger vocabularies and more advanced literacy skills.

The free printable includes a list of scrambled words conveniently divided by difficulty level so you can pick the perfect set of word scrambles for each participant. Just print out a few copies and everyone can grab a page and start unscrambling!

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Easter Word Scrambles

To get your free printable Easter word scrambles, simply click on the images below. The PDF will open in a new browser tab for easy download and printing.

Easy Difficulty Easter Word Scramble

Here are 10 easy Easter-themed words that have been scrambled. Perfect Easter word scramble for younger kids:

Easter Word Scramble

Medium Difficulty Easter Word Scramble

Up the challenge with these 15 medium-difficulty Easter word scrambles. Older kids and tweens will have fun unscrambling these words:

Easter Word Scramble

Hard Difficulty Easter Word Scramble

For adults and older kids up for a challenge, here are 20 long Easter-themed words that have been scrambled. See if you can unscramble all of these 8+ letter words:

Easter Word Scramble Free Printable

In addition to being fun, Easter word scrambles can help improve:

  • Spelling skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual perception
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving

The puzzles give the brain a good workout while still feeling playful. Kids can expand their knowledge of Easter-related words and themes in an engaging way.

You can turn your Easter word scramble session into a game by having contests to see who can unscramble their list of words the fastest. Or time the younger kids to see how they progress over multiple rounds. Let family members work together in teams to unlock all the scrambled words.

Click here to download the Easter word scramble answer key with all the Easter words unscrambled and in the correct order so you can easily check your answers.

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