Free Printable Buffalo Plaid Letters

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I’m thrilled to offer crafters and DIYers everywhere a new set of free printable buffalo plaid letters! These fun and versatile letters feature the classic black and white checkered plaid pattern that works for so many occasions.

Free Printable Buffalo Plaid Letters

Buffalo plaid has a timeless, rustic feel featuring black and white checkered lines. It’s perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, parties, and everyday home decor.

The black and white color scheme gives it a neutral look fitting any style. These plaid letters are ideal for creating customized banners, signs, wall decor, and any DIY projects you can dream up.

Buffalo Plaid Letters

This set of free printable plaid letters includes a full alphabet range from A to Z. It also contains numbers 0 through 9, so you can make banners with dates and ages too.

We’ve included a variety of fun special characters like a heart, star, square, and exclamation points to embellish your projects.

Whether you’re making a birthday sign, wedding backdrop, or just about any DIY decoration, you’ll have a versatile collection of letters and shapes to work with for all your crafting needs.

With this plaid alphabet, numbers, and special characters, you’ll have everything you need to add a custom, handmade touch to all your buffalo plaid creations!

Download Free Printable Buffalo Plaid Letters

To download any of the letters, simply click the link below the image for the high-quality printable PDF version.

We recommend printing the plaid letters on cardstock paper so they are sturdy for your crafts. Cut them out neatly and get ready to create!

Alphabet Letters

Below are letters A to Z in the classic buffalo plaid pattern. Print all the letters or just select those you need for your project.


Get the numbers 0 through 9 in the plaid design. Print these out for making birthday signs, anniversary banners, and other numbered decor.

Special Characters

These have a variety of fun shapes and symbols like a heart, star, square, and exclamation points. Add these to embellish your plaid letter projects!

Printables from Our Happy Corner are for personal use and classroom use only.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy these free printable buffalo plaid letters and numbers! This classic black and white plaid pattern is so versatile for any occasion and decor style. The alphabet, number, and special character PDF downloads provide you with a great crafting resource. Your imagination is the only limit! Happy DIYing!

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