Valentine’s Day Maze Free Printable

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Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day activity for the kids? I’ve created some free printable Valentine’s Day mazes that are perfect for celebrating the holiday! These Valentine-themed mazes provide an engaging activity that kids will love. Below, you’ll find different Valentine’s Day mazes to print out and enjoy during the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Maze Free Printable

The mazes include:

  • A maze following Cupid’s arrow to a heart
  • A maze with a love note delivering bird
  • A maze leading to a central heart
  • A key finding its way to some locks

These Valentine’s Day mazes are a great way to keep kids entertained and celebrate the holiday. Print them out and let them work through the fun paths and puzzles. With themes centered around Cupid, love notes, hearts, and keys, these mazes are full of Valentine’s Day spirit! Get into the holiday fun with these free printable Valentine’s Day mazes for kids.

How to Play

Mazes are simple and fun puzzles where you draw a line from the start to the finish without crossing over any lines. To solve the mazes, print them out and grab a pencil. Trace the path with your pencil from the entrance to the exit without crossing any lines. If you hit a dead-end, back up and try a different route. The goal is to draw a line through the maze from start to finish.

Valentine’s Day Maze

To download any of these free printable Valentine’s Day mazes, simply click the link below each maze image to get the high-quality printable PDF version. Feel free to print out these holiday activities for free and have fun completing them at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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Cupid’s Arrow Maze

Help Cupid shoot his arrow straight to a big heart in this maze. Navigate the path carefully to hit the target.

Valentine's Day Maze

Love Note Maze

A male bird has a love note to deliver to his feathered friend. Can you guide him through the maze to reach his true love? This maze has some tricky dead-ends.

Bird carrying love note maze

Heart Center Maze

Make your way through a winding path to reach the heart in the center of this maze.

Valentine's Day Maze

Key to My Heart Maze

Help the key traverse through a maze to unlock the padlocks.

Key To The Heart Locks Maze

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Final Thoughts

With these fun and free printable mazes, you can keep the kids entertained all month long. Mazes promote problem-solving, motor skills, and concentration. I hope your family enjoys these Valentine’s Day-themed activities!

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